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About Central Kentucky Landfill

On Monday, January 16, 2017, WSB instructed all trucks hauling waste from a transfer station must use exit 136 off of I 75 to access the landfill. WSB doesn’t anticipate this to change.

The landfill is NOT 500 acres and is NOT a mega dump. NO garbage will be placed on the 500 acres, they will be used primarily to buffer the landfill from the citizens of Scott County. The service area is NOT expanding, and the daily intake is NOT increased as a part of this expansion.

Map of Landfill Expansion

The expansion, in fact, is 28.76 acres. The current landfill area where waste can be placed is 46.80 acres and the new landfill area where waste can be placed is 75.56 acres, all of which is on the existing landfill footprint. The waste disposal area in this expansion is less than 5% of the entire property.

WSB has made numerous attempts to access the landfill bypassing Double Culvert Road, and in fact met with a Scott County property owner around 2008 in an attempt to purchase property with the intent of building a private road from US 25 to the landfill. WSB offered $3,000 per acre, which the property owner countered at $10,500 per acre, whereupon WSB ended negotiations with a standing offer of $3,000 per acre. The second attempt was made when WSB purchased 500 acres adjoining the landfill. When the property was purchased WSB negotiated an easement from US 25 to the new property which gave WSB direct access to US 25. However, the Division of Fish and Wildlife purchased the remaining tract of land and rescinded the easement for purposes of a road. Since that time WSB has lobbied KYDOT to widen and resurface Double Culvert road, with work beginning in the spring of 2017.

WSB has provided the citizens of Scott County with a free disposal day on the first Saturday of each month for years, and intend to continue doing so.

The landfill is a model nationwide for renewable energy via our partnership with Toyota. Over 99% of all the methane generated onsite is captured and used to help power the production lines at Toyota.

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