We need your help to keep our local business open and
our employees at work.

The Judge Executive and Magistrates in Scott County are
considering major changes that will COST YOU MORE
MONEY for LESS SERVICE than you currently enjoy. And
it’s all to appease a small but noisy group of residents
who simply don’t want a landfill in Scott County.
Scott County residents and businesses could easily see
their waste service RATES DOUBLE or EVEN TRIPLE
under the county’s proposed plan bring in a new, non-
local vendor to provide waste services.

The FACT is that Central Kentucky Landfill has been an
important of the community for more than 20 years. And
we want to continue providing the great services our
customers depend on.

We’ve built our successful business by following the
agreements and abiding by the plans local government
agreed to many years ago. Now the leadership in Scott
County wants to pretend those agreements don’t exist.
That’s not fair for us and wouldn’t be fair for any local

please call the County Judge Executive and Magistrates
at 502-863-7850 and tell them to choose the right bidder
for local waste service and to Keep the Central Kentucky
Landfill in operation!

We need leadership that will stand up for local
businesses and the best interest of all Scott County