Central Kentucky Landfill Expansion

Open Letter to the Citizens of Scott County

What is the Central Kentucky Landfill?

Waste Services of the Bluegrass has operated the Central Kentucky Landfill for more than 15 years. The Landfill provides a valuable, cost-saving service to Scott County and its residents, helping to keep waste collection rates low. The Landfill plays a key role in the overall economic development future of Scott County. Waste Services of the Bluegrass employs more than 100 individuals in Central Kentucky.

Waste Services of the Bluegrass is only expanding the Central Kentucky Landfill by 28.76 acres — less than 5% of the Landfill area. The state has already approved all necessary permits for waste disposal in the Central Kentucky Landfill, and permits for the expansion have been tentatively approved. The rest of the acreage owned by WSB is intentionally designed to buffer the Landfill in an environmentally friendly and aesthetic manner.

The safety of Scott County residents is a company priority.

Waste Services of the Bluegrass proactively worked with the Commonwealth of Kentucky to improve and widen Double Culvert Road, the primary entrance to the Central Kentucky Landfill. Upgrades and paving of Double Culvert Road were completed June 10, 2017.

We have also instructed all trucks hauling waste from outside transfer stations to use exit 136 off I-75 to access the Central Kentucky Landfill.

Waste Services of the Bluegrass is a good neighbor to Scott County residents. WSB maintains a significantly larger buffer zone between the waste disposal area and the community than is mandated by law. We also provide a free disposal day on the first Saturday of each month for Scott County residents. This has generated more than $2 million in revenue for Scott County during the 15-plus years that WSB has owned and operated the Central Kentucky Landfill.

The Central Kentucky Landfill is a valuable partner to Toyota—Scott County’s largest employer. We are working together on the Green City Recovery project, new technology that will help Toyota reach its carbon neutral goal. This will serve as a model for green initiatives here in Kentucky and throughout the United States. More than 99% of all the methane generated onsite is captured and used to help power the production lines at Toyota.

About Green City Recovery